Introduction to Web API

ELMA365 API is a set of tools for integrating ELMA365 with external systems.

General information

  • The API works via HTTPS by executing POST and GET requests.
  • Authorization is done via a token.
  • All the data is available only in the JSON format.
  • The base URL is https://{company}
  • Data queries are possible from any system.

The size of a web request must not exceed 50 MB

You can learn about the available functions in Web API. If needed, the user can add the necessary AI methods in modules. Read more about it in Methods in API modules.

Request parameters

The request parameters are passed in:

In the request body, specify the data in JSON format.

You can read more about the functions used in ELMA365 in Web API.

Checking requests

In ELMA365 you can check if your request is valid.

To check a request, click next to the App name and select API.

Go to the method's tab and open the Test tab. Enter the request's body and click Send.

The result will be displayed in the Result field.

You can read more about the available functions in Web API.