Contract item editing request by item ID.
The request address contains the code of the workspace that the contract belongs to ({namespace}), the code of the contract ({code}),
and the item’s ID ( {id}).
In the request body, pass an object containing the fields that need to be edited and their new values.


POST /pub/v1/contracts/{namespace}/{code}/{id}/update

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
namespace string

Workspace code

code string

Contract code

id uuid

Contract item ID


Request body

The resource sent in the request body is  Edit a contract item — Request. It contains the following writable properties:

    "context": {
        "<key>": {}


Name Type Description Additional
context object

Values to be changed

context.<key> map of object Optional


This request requires the use of one of following authorisation methods: API key


The following HTTP status codes may be returned:

Status code Description Resource
200 OK

Model of an edited item

Model of an edited item (Edit a contract item)
404 Not Found

Item with this ID not found