The file is uploaded to the specified directory of the Files workspace. You must have enough disk space for the file to be saved. If there is a file with the same name in the directory, a postfix with a number will be added to the name, for example, (1).
To upload a file, you need to generate a UUID and pass it in the hash request parameter. This will be the file body ID.
You can upload a file in full or in parts. To upload the whole file, pass the Content-Range header with the value bytes 0-[size]/[size] (for example, bytes 0-1000/1000).
To upload a file in parts, you need to divide it. All parts must be of equal size, except for the last one. The size of the main parts must be between 5 MB (5 242 880 B) and 5 GB (5 368 709 120 B). The remaining part can be of any size.
To inform the server which of the parts is being uploaded, you need to pass the Content-Range header. It is set by the following template: bytes [range-start]-[range-end]/[size]. For example, to upload a 7 MB file, you’d need tp pass the following headers: bytes 0-5242880/7340032 for the first 5 MB part of the file and bytes 5242880-7340032/7340032 for the remaining part.


POST /pub/v1/disk/directory/{id}/upload

Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
id uuid

name: id
Directory ID


Query parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
Hash uuid

File body ID


Form parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
File file

name: File
Uploaded file


This request requires the use of one of following authorisation methods: API key


The following HTTP status codes may be returned:

Status code Description Resource
200 OK

The file is fully uploaded

206 Partial Content

Part of the file is successfully uploaded

400 Bad Request

The error is shown as a message that describes the problem. The error message may contain the following codes: EntityTooSmall if the file is divided into parts that are too small; InvalidPart if one of the parts was not found in storage; InvalidPartOrder if the order of the parts in the file is invalid; NoSuchUpload if the upload was not found

402 Payment Required

Not enough disk space

403 Forbidden

No permissions to create a file


Server response after the file is uploaded to the directory

Server response after the file is uploaded to the directory (Load a file to a directory)